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Oticon Introduces Epoq V

April 17, 2008
Somerset, NJ                   

Oticon Epoq, the breakthrough hearing device that introduced a new dimension in hearing care with spatial awareness, is now available in an attractively priced new version,  Epoq V, that boasts the same wireless connectivity found in premium Epoq XW and mid-priced Epoq W.  With just the touch of a button, Epoq V wirelessly coordinates volume and program shifts in two Epoq hearing devices, automatically securing a baseline for a more balanced sound picture.  Sound quality, localization and speech understanding are also enhanced with the new solution's extended 8 kHz bandwidth  

Like Epoq XW and Epoq W, Epoq V connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled communication and entertainment devices including landline and cell phones, radios, MP3 players, personal computers, laptops and now, TV.  Epoq is the only hearing care solution to offer a wireless system for TV sound that sends an audio signal directly through the Epoq Streamer for crystal clear sound without distortion or delay.

"We now have a full range of Epoq devices that enable users to simply 'plug and play'," states Oticon President Peer Lauritsen.  "Whether they are taking advantage of Epoq's newest benefit, the wireless TV system, or its other wireless connectivity advantages, we know that based on recent studies, the potential for user satisfaction is an unprecedented 90 percent."

Survey Shows Unparalleled User Satisfaction

Spatial sound and wireless connectivity earned Epoq an astounding 90 percent satisfaction rating in studies conducted with 34 hearing professionals and 134 Epoq users.  Epoq XW uses the newest and most advanced binaural wireless processing, enabling a pair of Epoq hearing instruments to work as one central processing unit to support the brain's proper interpretation of various sounds in the environment. The result is a unique spatial awareness - a 360° hearing experience - making it possible for users to more easily focus on wanted sounds and suppress unwanted ones.

"Many Epoq users point to the more natural sound quality they experience with Epoq and especially their improved capability to localize sounds," noted Lauritsen. "Some users even describe their experience as an ability to better 'see' where sounds are coming from."

Lauritsen pointed out that enabling people with hearing loss to better organize the spatial complexity of typical daily life environments was a key goal in the development of the Epoq hearing device.  In an ongoing real-life test with experienced hearing instrument users, Epoq's performance was assessed in seven typical daily life situations including sounds in quiet, in typical group situations and in the outdoors. Epoq's performance was compared to each test person's own pair of advanced hearing devices. The improvements observed with Epoq approached the magnitude of the improvements found when comparing bilateral to unilateral ratings.

"Because they do not have to concentrate so intently when listening or talking, Epoq users report feeling more confident and at ease especially in difficult listening situations. They also state that they have more energy to socialize and to engage in situations and activities they previously avoided," noted Lauritsen.

Newest Benefit Answers #1 Request

Epoq aims to increase its outstanding satisfaction ratings among users with another wireless connectivity benefit that answers the most frequent request of people with hearing loss.  A wireless TV system now enables Epoq users to listen to TV at a volume that is comfortable for them and still join in conversation while enjoying their favorite programs.   The wireless TV system operates with all three Epoq versions through the Epoq Streamer, transmitting crystal clear sound without distortion or audio delay directly to a user's hearing devices. The compact TV receiver accessory, which easily connects to any TV set, sends a radio signal wirelessly through a small receiver that attaches directly to the Streamer.  Users simply push a button on the Streamer to activate the connection.  Sound can be adjusted to the level that best suits the user and enjoyed from almost anywhere in the room, even when the TV speakers are subdued. There is no need for users to manually switch programs since both conversations in the room and TV sounds are processed automatically through the Epoq hearing devices.

The premium Epoq XW, mid-priced Epoq W and new attractively priced Epoq V are available in styles from attractive multi-colored mini RITEs and BTEs to a full custom product line from CIC to low profile.

Oticon Epoq has been recognized by three prestigious international awards: The coveted Danish Product Award for its "world-class engineering, design and craftsmanship"; the Best of Innovations 2008 in the healthcare category from the American Consumer Electronics Association; and the esteemed 2008 Red Dot Award for creativity, innovation and pioneering design.